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Christmas cold [Dec. 22nd, 2006|04:51 pm]
[mood |coldcold]

My feet, fingers and nose tip are continually cold in my house.

It feels odd to think I'm here now till I get rescued by Alex passing his degree.  Sorry, not that I'm annoyed or unhappy to be back home again, I guess my freedom to do things without parental judgment has gone.
I now don't cook :( foods ready on the table for me. Which again is good but it's nice having what you want when you want it.

There's a job going in North Bristol that I will have to apply for, but the closing date is on the 2nd of Jan and thats when the uni opens again, therefore I dont know my grade. I have no idea what to do about registration and applying for jobs... eek

WHY?! Why has my mum just opened the door, wide open? Does she not feel the cold...?Ah getting potatoes form the garage, but it was a full 2 minutes before she opened the door and went out. Ah!

Dinners ready now...


From: odeevil_jazz
2006-12-23 04:07 pm (UTC)

Jack frost nipping at your feet, fingers and nose tip...

Our computer room is freezing, it's the one room of the house with no heating in it what-so-ever.
Do not be afeared of the dreaded returning home. We can save each other temporarily from the evils of parental charge. My new house can be your oasis in the hills and there we can paint and stuff. Bring your wellies!
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